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Jaqcui talked with fantasy author and educator, Rebecca Thorne, about everything law that authors need to know. Watch here!

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If you plan to write about real people and events, you may face questions about when you need permission to reproduce text, imagery (photographs, maps, charts) or anything else you’ve uncovered in your research. … read more!
There are few books about everyday privacy: the issues people face in their daily interactions with corporations, educational institutions, the healthcare system, and the government. [This book] explains what privacy rights we do (and importantly don’t) have in this country, as compared to other countries….. read more!
Jacqui shares news about the recent Raven Quill and Tobias Literary agency merge, and chats about what got her into the publishing field, plus answers a myriad of publishing and writing-related questions! … read more!
Writers thinking about signing with an agent for the first time, or when switching agents, are often faced with decisions about agency agreements that only cover a single project (and might, after that, operate on a project-by-project basis or simply terminate) versus more general agreements that cover multiple projects…. read more!
This blog post raises some of the most common challenges and confusions for writers that can arise when you want to use, quote or repurpose someone else’s copyrighted work… read more!
Most authors know that fair use is a defense to copyright infringement. However, few people have a clear sense of how fair use really works, which is not surprising… read more!
LSQ Editor Jen Gheller took the opportunity to reach out

and ask Jacqui some questions about her interest in publishing law and the new book, Law & Authors: A Legal Handbook for Writersread more!

Not all authors have, or even want, their own website. Some are happy to rely on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc., to connect with readers…  read more!

This installment of legally speaking discusses how to make sure you won’t get in trouble for using other people’s work in your writing… read more!

Authors deal with copyright issues all the time, both in relation to their own, and other people’s, work… read more!