A practical handbook for protecting personal data and digital privacy.

Our Data, Ourselves addresses a common and crucial question: What can we as private individuals do to protect our personal information in a digital world? In this practical handbook, legal expert Jacqueline D. Lipton guides readers through important issues involving technology, data collection, and digital privacy as they apply to our daily lives.

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everything a writer needs to know about the law.

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The rapid increase in Internet usage over the past several decades has led to the development of new and essential areas of legislation and legal study. Jacqueline Lipton takes on the thorny question of how to define the field that has come to be known variously as cyberlaw, cyberspace law or Internet law. 

"rigorous and balanced"

This comprehensive examination of domain name disputes involving personal names and political and cultural issues sheds light on the need to balance trademark policy, free speech and other pressing interests such as privacy and personality rights.
The first casebook devoted exclusively to the study of cyberspace law, and is the only one that presents it as the study of the creation, dissemination, and acquisition of human thought, creativity, and information in the digital age. 
This casebook gives a comprehensive overview of the use of criminal sanctions in intellectual property law. After reviewing common law larceny and misappropriation, it presents students with information on the offenses relating to trade secrets, copyright, fraud, and computer crimes.