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Jacqui D. Lipton

Jacqui Lipton is a law professor, attorney, consultant and literary agent who specializes in intellectual property and commercial law, with a particular emphasis on the publishing industry. She works as a consultant to authors and other creatives on legal and business issues. She is also the author of Our Data, Ourselves: A Personal Guide to Digital Privacy (University of California Press, 2022) and Law & Authors: A Legal Handbook for Writers (University of California Press, 2020).

"comprehensive, clear, and eminently approachable "

Brianna L. Schofield, Executive Director, Authors Alliance

"a guide you will turn to time and again"

Bree Barton, author of the Heart of Thorns trilogy

"An excellent resource"

Lydia Pallas Loren, Professor of Law, Lewis and Clark Law School

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Ph.D., Law & Digital Technology

Cambridge University

Ll. B. Bachelor of laws

University of Melbourne

MFA, fiction

Vermont College of Fine Arts

Bar Admission

New York State

Asst. Prof. Legal Writing

University of Pittsburg

Senior literary agent

Tobias Literary Agency

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I offer short courses for organizations and institutions that promote writing and other creative pursuits on various aspects of the creative enterprise including business/legal issues and other issues like fiction writing, nonfiction proposals, the editorial process, revising work for submission etc.


I offer consulting on a range of legal and business issues affecting the life and work of authors and creative artists, including reviews of publishing and agent contracts, concerns about intellectual property issues, as well as privacy and defamation concerns. I have experience both in trade publishing as well as academic/educational publishing contracts.


I am always happy to provide one-off workshops (virtually or in-person subject to availability) on aspects of the publishing industry and other challenges facing creative artists. Iā€™ve provided workshops in the past to a variety of organizations and institutions focused on writing and other creative enterprises both on legal and business issues as well as on craft issues.

what is authography llc?

Established by Jacqui Lipton in 2016, Authography LLC provides legal and business strategies for authors and other creative artists to help navigate their careers and their contracts in the digital age.

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